Why I'm Running

I am running for State Representative in PA HD-166, because as a mom, community leader, and non-profit Executive Director, I have honed the skills necessary to negotiate and work in partnership with those of opposing viewpoints and get things done. While representing the community of the 166th, I will serve in Harrisburg as a new voice with fresh energy and a focus on equity and justice.

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         I want to be a strong VOICE, ADVOCATE and LEADER for the constituents of the 166th in Harrisburg. I see the office of State Representative as an opportunity to effect change not as something to be taken for granted. -Jennifer Leith         

About Jennifer

Throughout her personal life and professional career, Jennifer has demonstrated a commitment to working toward a fair, just, and inclusive democratic society.

As a first-generation college graduate raised in a union household, she embodies the importance of a good education, a strong work ethic, and the obligation to use your voice to amplify your values.

After serving two years as a United States Peace Corps volunteer (Islamic Republic of Mauritania, 2000-2002), where she taught English and worked on small business development projects in rural villages, Jennifer and her husband moved to the 166th.

Armed with her values and her successful experience finding common ground with those of differing viewpoints, Jennifer will arrive in Harrisburg ready to fight for our values and our community.

Your VOTE is your VOICE!

Write-in 'Jennifer Leith' for the PA House District 166.

How to Write in 'Jennifer Leith'

Write-In Jennifer Leith for State Representative
Democrat for 166th


• STEP 1. Locate the area for REPRESENTATIVE for GENERAL ASSEMBLY on the Democrat (left) part of the voting machine. Press the X where it says "write in". The light next to the X should come on.

• STEP 2. A button at the top of the machine will start flashing red. Press the button.

• STEP 3. The write-in slot to the right of the red button will open. Stamp, sticker, or handwrite in pen JENNIFER LEITH.

• STEP 4. Pull the door for the write-in slot down.

• Remember to vote for the other offices on the ballot from Governor to Committee Person. Push the green “Vote” button at the bottom (right) of the voting machine.

Step 1: Press the Write-In Square for REPRESENTATIVE FOR GENERAL ASSEMBLY.

Step 2: The arrow will flash. The arrow will continue flashing until the write-in is complete or until the square is pressed a second time to deselect the write-in.

Step 3: Using the write-in keypad below the ballot, key in JENNIFER LEITH to write-in. You will see the letters appear in the window to the left of the keypad.

Step 4: If you make an error on a write-in, press the left arrow key to move back. To make a space, press the right arrow key.

Step 5: When you are finished keying the name, press Enter on the write-in keypad.