Equity & Opportunity for All

We need elected officials who will look at issues from a multi-dimensional, intersectional lens. And, center all decisions on equity and opportunity for all. That is what I will do as our State Representative in Harrisburg.

We cannot afford a one-issue perspective from our elected office holders. Our voice deserves to be heard on varied issues facing our State General Assembly such as education funding, common sense gun reform, and healthcare.

I am not a candidate who’s priorities are words on a campaign webpage, who will simply tell you what my priorities will be. My personal and professional background reflect my priorities. If you wish to know what I will work on in Harrisburg, look at what I have done and focused on throughout my professional career.

What I want action on in Harrisburg is:

- Education equity (100% full, fair funding of public education & charter school reform)

- Good Government Reform (independent citizens re-redistricting, term limits & money out of politics)

- Financial Resiliency of families and workers (tax credits for caregivers, statewide Fair Work Week, Domestic Workers Bill of Rights, state-sponsored Individual Retirement Accounts)

- Evidence-based solutions to our entrenched issues (economic empowerment, opioid crisis, gun violence & environment)